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Day 13: Christmas Celebration

Today was our 2nd last day in LHCH and the most important day as well. We were having a Christmas celebration. The Christmas celebration was one of the most important event for the children before they were sent home to stay with their families. The Christmas celebration consisted of performances from the children as well as dinner. Apart from the children, there would be church members from Pastor John’s church enjoying the celebration as well.

The night before the celebration, we were busy packing Christmas gifts for the 153 children as well as preparing for our performance. Each bag of gifts consisted of a toothbrush, toothpaste, cup, bar of soap, coconut hair oil, comb and snacks. We formed a human chain to place the items into each bag and tied the bags into bundles of 10. For our performance, we decided to sing songs. The first song was “Hero” by Mariah Carey, second song was “We will get there” by Stefanie Sun and the last medley consisted of English and Christmas songs.

During the celebration, we had to change into the traditional Indian costume. For the guys, the costume were slightly big and we had to roll the sleeves up and wear the pants higher. For the girls, they all looked gorgeous and the costume suited them perfectly. Everyone was treated to amazing performances by the children of LHCH. The younger children would perform dances while the older ones would sing Christmas carols. Towards the end of the performance, Pastor John together with some of the members gave out  the Christmas gifts to the children.

The night finally ended with dinner. Manouha, the cook from LHCH, prepared a sumptuous meal of Nasi Briyani for everyone. It was very different from the one I had in Singapore as it was slightly spicier with more flavouring. This must be one of our most awesome Christmas celebration ever because of the great atmosphere and great company.

Packing Christmas gifts
Rafidah, Humairah and Fun Liang
Younger grades children preparing for their dance
Dashing guys
Rafidah posing with the children
Deejay Dhiraj
Children singing Christmas carols
Group shot