Recipes that fill the stomach and warm the heart

In what was another step taken towards aiding underprivileged children, the Recipes From The Heart cookbook was launched today.

Put together by Project Happy Feet (PHF), it contains recipes and inspirational quotes from 10 local chefs who participated in the Chefs For A Cause event, which was held last December.

It is hoped that the sale of the cookbook will generate a total of SGD 340,000 – all of which will go towards PHF’s beneficiaries and the MILK fund, a local children’s charity.

Classy and elegant, the cookbook was laid out and designed by Thinking Designs and had its photos shot by award-winning food photographer, Edmond Ho, from Jambu Studio.

It was also sponsored by renowned culinary equipment brand Miele, who supported the printing cost.

“We are proud to say that 100% of all donations will go directly to the beneficiaries, thanks to our sponsors. The though of warmed hearts and filled bellies motivates us to push on, and we look forward to more of such projects in the future,” said Ms Deborah Chew, co-founder of PHF.


Recipes from the Heart is no longer for individual sale. Corporate orders are welcome. Please contact for more details.