She still has time for others

21 year-old Nga may come from a challenging background, she still makes time to help others in her community.

Never knowing who her father was, and then losing her mother to illness, Nga became an orphan at 10 and was brought up by Social Patron Centre of Thai Binh province, Hanoi, Vietnam. Several years later, she moved in to stay with her uncle and his family.

Things did not become any rosier for Nga after she moved in with her relatives. Her uncle’s family was poor as the family’s income depended on farming, which provided little for the family, especially when one of Nga’s cousins suffered from Bulbar Poliomyelitis.

To supplement the family income, Nga gave tuition three times a week in between her classes.

Thanks to the funds raised by Project Happy Feet which provided a full year of post-high school educational scholarship, Nga is currently in her fourth year at the Ha Noi Teacher Training University. She is doing well in school, achieving a grade point average of 7.91 in her last semester.

Though Nga knows that it is essential that she spend her time studying so she can do well, Nga also believes in giving back. In addition to splitting her time between working as a tutor and studying, Nga also makes time for voluntary jobs at a centre for children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

She has found happiness in volunteering.

“I feel lucky to receive sponsorship from Project Happy Feet through HSCV,” says Nga. “So I wish to help others in need as well.”

Project Happy Feet is proud of Nga for her perseverance and for inspiring us by giving back to her community.