Day 11: Paintball and Pastor John’s birthday

Today started off with team bonding game of paintball. For most of the members, it was their first time playing paintball and we were all very excited. Each team comprised of 4 members and we always had a balance of guys and girls. The referee explained the game to us and we were off. During the game, you can really see the difference between a team that worked together and one with individualists. The team that worked together generally won the games.

We went to Pastor John’s house afterwards. Today is his birthday and he asked us to have lunch with him and his family. He lived in an apartment and it was a very cosy home. We all had naan with butter chicken and tandoori chicken for lunch. The food was amazing and we spent the remaining time asking Pastor John a host of questions. According to the India custom, the host will wait for the guest to finish his/her food and wait till the guest leaves then will start eating. To prevent us from imposing on Pastor John and his family, we decided to leave early.

At night, we went to the home to celebrate Pastor John’s birthday. When he finally arrived, the children were all exhilarated. It felt like a superstar had arrived. To me, it seemed that the children really love him very much. After the cutting of the cake, according to Indian custom, the family will feed the birthday person with a small portion of the cake. For dinner, some of the members helped out the serve the food and when all the children had eaten, the team then had dinner with Pastor John and his family.

It was a long day and everyone was really tired.

Mask on
Team Blue - Kelvin, ChoonTing, Dan, Alicia and Charmaine
The girl's pyramid
Team India - Dhanraj, Raju and Ella
Pastor John's birthday celebration
Giving out sweets to the children
Jesse, Raju and Jacqueline serving food for the children