InspiringIndia2013_fundraising booth

Fundraising Booth

For this fundraising event, we set up booths in our university and sold pre-loved items – old books, dresses, accessories, paintings done by the children as well as snacks. Our booth was located along a common walkway linking the Central library to the Arts faculty. We had to book the location with the school’s admin many weeks in advance because there were also many other yep groups vying for the slot.

Initially the members were overwhelmed by crowd streaming from both directions but as they approached more people, everyone became better and more confident. We also had mobile units selling snacks to people around the area. The response was generally good and many students gave generously.

Halfway through the activity, I decided to conduct a social experiment by removing all the price tags. All items have NO fixed price . Buyers could contribute whatever amount they deemed fit for the items they wanted. What happened next surprised me because most of the people who approached our booth gave more than what was previously indicated on the price tag. Also, more people came forward when they knew that there’s no fixed price for any items.

At the end of the day, everyone was exhausted from a busy day of sales pitching. It was a memorable experience and definitely one that pushed everyone out of their comfort zones.