Pet Lovers Foundation supports PHF

David and Whye Hoe, the CEO and Managing Director of Pet Lovers Centre, first learn of Project HUGS NEPAL when Eileen, a supporting staff of Pet Lovers Centre brought it up during a conversation. Without hesitation, both of them pledged their support for the Project Hugs Nepal fund-raising dinner.

Pet Lover’s Centre is a home-grown pet retail and service chain that was founded in 1973 as a family hobby business. Throughout the years, Pet Lover’s Centre has grown not only in their business but also in their corporate social responsibility. Therefore, in 2009 Pet Lovers Foundation has been established. As a non-profit organization, Pet Lovers Foundation aims to help animal welfare organizations by contributing to them financially and also by raising funds through jointly developing and organizing programs and activities. The foundation does not only stop at helping animals but humans and the planet as well.

With a strong passion to serve pets, people and our planet, they actively supported the fund-raising event by sponsoring up to $1500 worth of auction items. On top of that, Whye Hoe kindly gave HUGS NEPAL their first cheque donation.

Embodying their team philosophy of giving from the heart, David and his wife definitely walk the talk by writing another cheque donation to HUGS NEPAL on a personal note.

Project Happy Feet would like to thank Pet Lovers Centre for their big hearts and contributions to make learning in Nepal possible!

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