A journalist in the making

Thien has dreams of becoming a journalist. And now she is on her way to becoming one, thanks to the people who supported Project Happy Feet.

Thien comes from a very poor family. Her father suffers from gastric, bronchitic and urinary health problems. He earns very little money by helping people paint their doors. Thien’s mother is a trash picker and has to work far from home. She is also suffering from pains caused by a tumor in her stomach. The tumor is blocking nerves and causing breathing difficulties. An operation is necessary to remove the tunor. But Instead of going for an operation, Thien’s mother has chosen to save the money to ensure Thien completes her education.

The family survives on about $25 per month. To put the children through school, Thien’s parents resorted to borrowing large sums of money. In return, to help with the burden, Thien and her sibling work at the farm after school.

Despite these difficulties in life, both of Thien and her sibling excelled in school. Thien had passed the very competitive examination to enter the Academy of Journalism and Communication. She is now on the way to realize her dream of becoming a journalist on her own merit.

It was Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV) who brought Thien’s case to the attention of Project Happy Feet.

Through the funds raised from the sale of Recipes from the Heart, Project Happy Feet was able to provide a scholarship to Thien and 13 others like her in Hanoi, Vietnam. With the strong support of corporates and individuals, Project Happy Feet is able to continue supporting organisations like HSCV to help more students stay in school.

Project Happy Feet thanks the many supporters for empowering Thien and others like her to fulfill their potential in life.