Day 6: Snowcity

Today we woke up and decided to do spring cleaning. The reason was that many of the members were falling sick and hygiene should be maintained to prevent spreading of germs. Another reason was that by cleaning the room together, the members could understand that their actions have an effect on others in a communal setting. Apart from spring cleaning, we also brainstormed new ways to make the place neater and cleaner – by marking an area for shoes and placing common items in on location.

In the afternoon, we went to Snow City together with 45 children from the home. The 45 children were selected based on their better academic results. It was a reward for their hard work and also a source of motivation for the other children to study harder.

We took a bus to snow city and during the bus ride we interacted with the children and tried to exchange knowledge as much as possible. I managed to learn how to say 1 to 10 in Kannada and in exchange, I taught Pravithi how to say 1 to 10 in Chinese. The children were very excited because they were only given the chance to go to snow city once a year (when the Inspiring India team was there). The indoor area was kept at -5oC. There were 2 slides, a disco area and also a playing field. Soon, everyone was playing snowball fight and queuing up for the slides. The highlight of the trip was the disco in the cold. The children were really excited and you can see the smiles on their faces while they were dancing away to the Bollywood songs.