Day 5: Telematch

Today we organized a telematch for the children of LHCH. The telematch was between the 4 colour houses at the home – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Each house was being divided into 4 different groups based on their education level. The 1st group will be doing cheers, 2nd group doing flag, 3rd group playing 3-legged race and last group playing Final Clash.

The game of Final clash was held in the field outside the home. It was a new game thought out by the members. The rules were similar to captains’ ball with the only difference that the ball must pass through a hoop held by the captain.

During the finals of the 3-legged race, one of the female pair of contestants fell halfway. I was near to the contestants but before I could react, a few elder children and staff from the home rushed to the girls and ensured that they were alright. I was very impressed and touched at the same time. From this incident, I could tell that the bond of the children and staffs were very strong. Even though it was a competition, the safety of the children was still the utmost priority.

The climax of the telematch was the final game of Finals Clash. All the different groups joined back into their respective houses to watch the game together. The groups cheered and displayed their beautiful flags. All results for the telematch was collated and announced during the Olympics a few days later.

Children drawing the flag for their houses
Alyah preparing the children for cheering session
Final clash
Gaya with the Blue team supporters
Rizwana with with Blue team
Alyah and Choonting with the Red team
Humairah with the Green team
Christine and Alicia with the Yellow team