Determination To Succeed

Bach Thi Hanh, 21, KOTO Graduate


Bach Thi Hanh, 21, KOTO graduate and recipient of the Project Happy Feet scholarship may look petite and demure, but she certainly has displayed courage and determination to succeed despite the odds.

Hanh’s parents divorced when she was 3, leaving her to live with her father. When he passed on, she stayed to take care of her 76-year-old grandmother, who is physically frail after an accident.

After finishing Class 12, Hanh stopped school, and stayed home to do rattan and bamboo knitting to earn a living. She then moved in with her elder sister – whose husband is a drug addict – to take care of her sister’s baby.

Wanting to give a better life to her family, Hanh decided to apply for the KOTO programme, and was accepted to the programme.

Now a KOTO graduate, she is optimistic in being able to better provide for her sister’s family and grandmother.