From Street Kid To Head Chef-Wannabe

Duc, 20, KOTO Restaurant Chef


Dressed in starched Chef whites, Duc’s smart appearance belies his young age.

Currently working in the KOTO restaurant, Duc hails from the Hain Hur region of Vietnam and is a member of KOTO Class 13. He came to Hanoi in search of a job and better lives for his farmer parents and six siblings, three of whom are disabled.

“KOTO is family,” chirps Duc, in Vietnamese accented English. “I’ve learnt a lot at KOTO.”

He goes on to share about how he used to disregard how important English is to his career, but upon seeing how previous KOTO graduates secured jobs in countries like England, he decided to strive to improve his command of the language.

Duc has come a long way, from being a boy who roamed streets to a young man with dreams of working as a head chef, and is testament to the success of KOTO.