A Passion To Learn And Serve

Trung, 21-years-old, KOTO Restaurant Waiter


While others his age fuss about the latest fashion trends or gadgets, 21-year-old Trung has just one aim in mind: to graduate from KOTO come May.

A member of KOTO Class 13, Trung works as a waiter at the KOTO restaurant, as it allows him to interact with and bring good food to people – things he loves.

Before his KOTO experience, Trung was in the military. Conscripted at 19, he joined the army to support himself and his mother.

Shortly after leaving the trenches, he worked as a warehouse security guard. The dour environs of the hollow warehouse though, proved insufficient for the energetic and positive young man.

“My mother was so happy when she heard that I got into KOTO, as it meant that she’ll never have to go hungry again,” said Trung, recalling the day his KOTO application was approved.

“There were only two of us, but we threw a small party,” said Trung.

Upon graduation, he intends to work overseas for the experience, but  eventually wants to work for KOTO.

For a boy grew up with so little, Trung’s desire to learn and serve is a true inspiration. As he smiled awkwardly for the Project Happy Feet camera, it was evident that this was a man who is down to earth and free from the materialistic pursuits of the world.