Supporting Her Family Solo At 20

Dinh Thi Thai, 20-years-old, a HSCV Beneficiary


In most countries, education is a given amongst youths.

For young Dinh Thi Thai’s however, education is a luxury she desires but cannot afford.

When her mother passed away a few years back, her father left home, leaving the care of Thai and her three siblings in the hands of their elderly grandfather. His age meant that he was too feeble to work.

As such, Thai quit school and started hawking veggies to support the family.

Help however, came in the form of the Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV), which has been helping Thai and her family make ends meet through assistance programmes.

In addition, the family also receives basic medical insurance and rice farming materials from the local People’s committee.

Though a greatly aided by these hand outs, Thai’s family is still in need to sponsorship so that they can receive rice donations and the children can complete school.

With your contribution, Thai and her family will surely have better days ahead of them.


The cost to sponsor a family for a year’s worth of Rice Distribution is $320.
The cost to sponsor a child for an educational scholarship is $80 per year.