Know One Teach One (KOTO)


Updates on four PHF-sponsored KOTO students

Project Happy Feet first supported Know One Teach One (KOTO) in 2009 when it sponsored four students. These students have since graduated, a testimonial to KOTO’s...

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I have a dream

One of many dream bottles personalised by students of KOTO “What’s your dream?” For most people, they get to answer this question so often it’s become cliché....

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KOTO’s Jimmy Pham drops by Project Happy Feet

KOTO’s Jimmy Pham with Project Happy Feet’s co-founders Deborah Chew and Terence Quek Founder of Know-One-Teach-One (KOTO), a not-for-profit restaurant...

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We Did It!

One by one, four youths collected their certificates from the CEO of Boxhill Institute at a graduation witnessed by hundreds of alumni, friends, families and supporters....

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Determination To Succeed

Bach Thi Hanh, 21, KOTO Graduate   Bach Thi Hanh, 21, KOTO graduate and recipient of the Project Happy Feet scholarship may look petite and demure, but she...

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From bread hawker to KOTO graduate

Le Thanh Thuy, 23, KOTO Graduate   Petite and always smiling, it’s hard to imagine that Le Thanh Thuy, 23 carries a burden that some of us will find...

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Almost your everyday teenager

Vu Minh Troung, 19, KOTO Graduate   Vu Minh Troung, 19 is one of the four trainees from KOTO who received the Project Happy Feet Scholarship. With his interests...

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In hopes of a better future

Nguyen Viet Dung, 18, KOTO Graduate   Nguyen Viet Dung, 18, was one of the four recipients of the Project Happy Feet scholarship that allowed him to continue...

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From Street Kid To Head Chef-Wannabe

Duc, 20, KOTO Restaurant Chef   Dressed in starched Chef whites, Duc’s smart appearance belies his young age. Currently working in the KOTO restaurant,...

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A Passion To Learn And Serve

Trung, 21-years-old, KOTO Restaurant Waiter   While others his age fuss about the latest fashion trends or gadgets, 21-year-old Trung has just one aim in...

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