2009 – Project BLISS

bliss 1

Day 5

Arun Susdai! (Good Morning) *Snooze Snooze Snooze* *Yawns* “Shh Shh Shh”, go the bristles of the toothbrush rubbing against our teeth and the crunching...

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bliss 2

Day 4

Step by step, one by one, pretty soon we’re gonna be done. Like all other days, today started off with us failing to leave on the dot, sigh. Our worries of...

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bliss 3

Day 3

“Ring Ring”, the alarm clock from our respective phones went off. 6.30pm sharp. Thank God for the “snooze” function, as we were saying, we use it ever so...

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bliss 5

Day 2

Labour Side (Alan) On the “Labour” side, as we affectionately call the team of us involved in building, we had a couple of interesting moments in the time that...

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bliss 4

Day 1

  The road to Taom is surely a long and trodden one. Taking the highway south, our journey lasted 2 hours, half of which was spent on rocks and stones! The...

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bliss 6

MGS Bake Sale

A Sunday morning, an early morning- where some of us would have still been in bed sleeping through the morning, or been at church worshipping; Nonetheless, the group...

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