2009 – Hanoi

hanoi 5

Our Trip To Hanoi In Pictures

Stacy Peh put together this video at the end of our trip, capturing all the favourite moments as we went about warming hearts, empowering lives. http://youtu.be/mkJjBTikRR4 Share

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hanoi 7

Things Money Can’t Buy

Posted on behalf of Dave Lem: Just came back from Cambodia and Vietnam (Hanoi). I went because I wanted to make someone feel special and bring smiles on their faces. No...

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hanoi 18

From A Volunteer’s Journal (1)

10 December 2009 “… We started with a 2h bus ride to Bac Phu Elementary School. The school is packed with 819 children from the village and farms around. When...

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hanoi 17

From A Volunteer’s Journal (2)

11 December 2009 “Fell sick today. Had rather bad diarrhoea which resulted in dehydration and a lot of body aches. While the team painted, I had to sit and watch....

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hanoi 12

From A Volunteer’s Journal (3)

12 December 2009 “Realised that I was still struck about the little jagong girl [See entry on 10 Dec 09, and video from Stacy’s entry.] from the first orphanage....

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hanoi 9

A PHF Volunteer

Have just uploaded abstracts of my journal entries from 3 days. Re-reading them does make me get a bit emo again. haha. but they explain well, if not a bit too...

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hanoi 8

The Gift Of Giving

The journey to Project Happy Feet Hanoi had been both fruitful and fulfilling. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be part of the PHF family, to be able to...

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hanoi 5

Receiving In Giving

Planning our annual PHF trips has always been something I look forward to. It not only gives me the opportunity to explore communities that need help, it also puts...

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hanoi 6

PHF Team Visits The Orphanages

Visiting 2 different orphanages over the past 2 days has been extremely overwhelming and has definitely made me appreciate the fact that I have been blessed with...

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hanoi 16


Posted on behalf of Ben Koh: The first day was one of mixed feelings for me. The living conditions of the people who we visited were a stark contrast from the luxuries...

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