Our Focus

At Project Happy Feet, we aim to improve the lives of under-privileged children and youths in Asia, especially in developing countries, by supporting programmes and initiatives that empower them through training and education.

We work with programme partners and support them through our fund-raising efforts. We also work with them to improve their programmes, to ensure that their beneficiaries successfully leave the poverty cycle.

Project Happy Feet focuses on supporting programmes and initiatives that see to the following:

  • Provision of basic needs such as food, clothing and housing for underprivileged students and their families
  • Providing children and youths access to learning opportunities so they can develop holistically
  • Vocational training for youths and their family members to help them improve or sustain their livelihood
  • Building of infrastructure to support education (e.g. classrooms, learning centres, libraries, toilets in school, etc)
  • Providing basic hygiene and healthcare infrastructure and services


Why Project Happy Feet?

“Besides reflecting the roots of how we became inspired to start this project, we also love the idea of seeing children running around happily, with smiles on their faces – because they are given the opportunity to learn, because someone believed in them, because someone cared. With ‘happy feet’, we knew our project could bring them to places that will better their lives.”