2013 – Inspiring India


Day 14: Back Home

Time flies and it’s already the last day in Bangalore. The past 2 weeks has been a rewarding and meaningful experience. Jacqueline and I could tell the changes...

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Group shot

Day 13: Christmas Celebration

Today was our 2nd last day in LHCH and the most important day as well. We were having a Christmas celebration. The Christmas celebration was one of the most important...

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Bangalore palace

Day 12: Rest & Relaxation

Today was our R&R day. Initially we planned to go to Mysore palace at the outskirt of Bangalore. However we received terrible news last night – there will...

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Day 11: Paintball and Pastor John’s birthday

Today started off with team bonding game of paintball. For most of the members, it was their first time playing paintball and we were all very excited. Each team...

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Day 10: Cultural Carnival

Today we organized a cultural carnival for the children. We had 4 stations, namely Malay, Chinese, Indian and Singapore. Each station had 3-4 members and we were...

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Day 9: House Visits

Today we went to visit the house of Ella, Vinod and Ashok. They were from the first batch of children from LHCH, since 2002, and are now studying in Pre University....

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Day 8: Wonderla

After the first week of intense activities, we are going to take a break Today. According to plan, we are going t0 Wonderla – a famous water-themed park on...

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Day 7: Olympics and Dance & Dinner

Today we had the Olympics games at LHCH. There were 2 sports, namely captains ball and tug-of-war. Similar to telematch, the different house colours competed with...

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Day 6: Snowcity

Today we woke up and decided to do spring cleaning. The reason was that many of the members were falling sick and hygiene should be maintained to prevent spreading...

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Day 5: Telematch

Today we organized a telematch for the children of LHCH. The telematch was between the 4 colour houses at the home – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Each house was being...

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