2008 – Siem Reap

reap 10

Village Taom And The Dancing Road

On our 3rd day in Siem Reap, we set off bright and early to the Taom Village. Before we set off, Sister kindly gave us background information regarding the church...

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reap 8

The Floating Village

We woke up bright and early on our 2nd day in Siem Reap, all ready to go to the Floating Village. Father Heri had kindly lend us a room in the church to store our...

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reap 6

Moments Of Project Happy Feet

We are back from our trip! For the next few blogs, I will post up the many photos that we took during our journey. Pictures say a thousand words. We brought back...

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reap 14

Finally In Siem Reap

After a month of planning, we finally stepped foot onto Siem Reap. The past 3 days have been really fulfilling, and honestly, tiring. Yesterday, we visited the village...

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reap 2

Almost Famous…

Ha, ok, I just can’t help it. We are on 8 DAYS magazine this week! It is a post event write-up and I just can’t wait for my brother to come back with...

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reap 17

Get Set, Ready, Go!

4 more days to go before we embark on our Project Happy Feet journey. After sorting out, we tried our best to squeeze the luggages with the clothes and supplies,...

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rea p7

Packing Day

Today, the team spent the whole day packing all things we’d be bringing over to Siem Reap come Thursday.  Meeting at the office at 9.30am, Grace, Mark,...

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Project Happy Feet T-Shirt @ SGD15 Only

In an effort to raise more funds, we’ve printed extra stocks of Project Happy Feet T-shirts that our team will be wearing and giving to the youths while are...

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The Car Boot Sale Raised $777

No kidding! Sunday’s takings for the Car Boot Sale at Playground @ Big Splash raised a total of $777! What was most fulfilling was the fact that we all pulled...

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Pix 031

Car Boot Sale Was A BLAST :)

The whole team ready to sell our items Ange and Deb in front of my car and all our donated items to be sold. Laying out the items to be sold. Notice the variety! Thank...

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