2012 – Make Learning Possible


Sprouting a new team for Namkheli

Project Bean Sprout is a new initiative by Make Learning Possible to get more volunteers to make a difference to the children attending school in Namkheli Village...

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Project Bean Sprout calling for Volunteers

Looking for volunteers to create the "a-ha" moment for these kids Remember your school days when you burst out in excitement after seeing the green beans...

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Letter from Make Learning Possible

Dear Supporters of HUGS Nepal, Greetings! Season’s Greetings and A Great and Exciting Year ahead in 2013. Eversince the inception of Make Learning Possible in...

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Manjushree Singa school officially opens

16 December 2012 holds a special meaning for the people of Namkheli village tucked away in the Everest Region of Nepal, especially to the 70 children. It is the...

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Final push for Opening in December

With less than a month before the scheduled opening of Manjushri-SINGA Primary School at Namkheli Village in the heart of the Everest mountainous region of Nepal,...

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Greenhouse ready!

When founders of Make Learning Possible and Project Happy Feet volunteers Lester Leong and Sox started planning for the school-building project at Namkheli Village,...

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School building progress on track

The Manjushri-SINGA Primary School is right on schedule to open its doors in December 2012 to more than 60 children living in the vicinity. The building of the school...

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Raindrops Café hosts private fund-raising lunch

Tucked away in a little corner outside the main *SCAPE complex in the heart of Orchard Road, Raindrops Café has the perfect ambience for a lazy afternoon tea,...

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Thank you for making HUGS NEPAL possible

Through the tireless efforts of power volunteer Emily Chang, with support from her good friend Eileen Lim, project drivers Lester and Sox, and the backing from the...

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Pet Lovers Foundation supports PHF

David and Whye Hoe, the CEO and Managing Director of Pet Lovers Centre, first learn of Project HUGS NEPAL when Eileen, a supporting staff of Pet Lovers Centre brought...

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