2013 – Project Bean Sprouts


Message from Make Learning Possible

With the year coming to a close, here’s a message from the volunteers of Make Learning Possible, empowered by Project Happy Feet. Please continue to support...

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Teachers in the making

The next three days in the school passed by in a blur. Because of the overwhelming response, it was decided that I would continue to see patients while the rest...

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Getting to know the children and Healthcare for the villagers

Friday, 27th Sept 2013 The next day, we began our programme in earnest. The morning started with the painting of the world map mural. This eventually became our...

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Through the mountains of Nepal to Manjushree Singa

Upon arrival to Nepal, the first few days were spent buying some necessities. We also met up with our friends from Be Human Nepal. Joining us on this trip is Naia, ...

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Project Bean Sprouts: Preparing for the Trip

Hello to all the readers, my name is Ginny and you are going to be hearing from me throughout this entire trip as I have been tasked to be the official blogger....

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Sprouting a new team for Namkheli

Project Bean Sprout is a new initiative by Make Learning Possible to get more volunteers to make a difference to the children attending school in Namkheli Village...

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Project Bean Sprout calling for Volunteers

Looking for volunteers to create the "a-ha" moment for these kids Remember your school days when you burst out in excitement after seeing the green beans...

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