Dreams Of A Better Life

Nguyen Dang Thiem, 19, a HSCV beneficiary


For teenager Nguyen Dang Thiem, every waking moment is spent worrying if there will be food on the table at night.

A student at the Hanoi Information Technology Vocational and Training College, Thiem is bright and motivated. He intends to graduate and get a stable job to support his family of five, move them to a comfortable house, and ensure that they never go hungry.

Currently, Thiem’s 40-year-old mother, who is the family breadwinner, works in the fields everyday, and sells veggies she harvests. Her USD$35 monthly salary barely pays for the medical bills of her 44-year-old husband, who suffers from schizophrenia and requires frequent medical attention.

Every night, Thiem, his parents, his 73-year-old grandmother, and his 16-year-old brother share a single bed and mat.

To add to their difficult situation, the family is finding it increasingly hard to put both Thiem and his brother through school. Both of them are already on educational scholarships provided by the Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV).

Without sponsorship, not only will Thiem and his brother not be able to study, but the family could be unable to benefit from the Rice Distribution programme that provides much needed food relief.

Donate today, and give Thiem the chance to graduate and work towards a better life for his family.



The cost to sponsor a child an Educational Post High School Scholarship is SGD$400 per year.
The cost to sponsor a family a year’s worth of Rice Distribution is SGD$320.