From A Volunteer’s Journal (2)

11 December 2009

“Fell sick today. Had rather bad diarrhoea which resulted in dehydration and a lot of body aches. While the team painted, I had to sit and watch. That felt miserable.”

“…Many of the volunteers shared their frustration with the day’s work. It was hard to enjoy the painting with poor quality paints [a mix of limestone, clay and water] and “broomstick” brushes… The frustration and pain of wanting to make a deeper and more lasting difference… To be “efficient” and “relevant”… Yet, may be for the recipients, the only criteria for our effectiveness was Love…”

…We came bearing the good intentions and donations of 200 donors. While we have translated their cash into simple gifts, the greater challenge has been to translate their kindness and good intentions into sincere gestures of love…”


“All the charities here are doing very inspiring work. Changing lives, inspiring deep transformation. It’s a slow, bit by bit effort. But together, the amount of good is amazing…

…I see it most on the faces of the HSCV staff. Our hosts are trying so hard to support our work. They are afraid we overwork. And also afraid we get a bad experience. They are very stressed. [and very strong!] I hope we can help alleviate that stress.”


“We are all beautiful people. All God’s children.”