200 kids filled with love @ Fullerton

200 underprivileged children were treated to a sumptuous lunch on 16 December 2012 at the Fullerton Hotel.

“Filled With Love @ Fullerton” was made possible because of volunteers from Project Happy Feet, strong support from Mainly I Love Kids, and sponsorship from Fullerton Hotel and contributions from its staff.

20 students from Vietnam’s KOTO who were sponsored to visit Singapore made the event their week-long trip’s highlight and used their culinary and service skills to make each child feel like a VIP.

About 60 volunteers turned-up at the event to help out in many ways – from ushering and minding the kids, to face painting and making balloon sculptures, to serving meals. Even Singapore’s very own ‘Catwoman’ veteran marathoner Mdm Jenap Said turned up in a festive red dress to add more cheer to the event. A group of photographers called “Help Portrait” also came to give each child a photo-portrait for their own keepsake.

Highlights from “Filled With Love @ Fullerton”

Grace Chia, co-founder and director of Project Happy Feet giving a briefing to volunteers before the event

Volunteers learning balloon sculpturing and making balloon sculptures to give out to kids when they arrive

Packing goodie bags as presents for the 200 kids attending the lunch

Singapore’s very own ‘Catwoman’ veteran marathoner Mdm Jenap Said shows up in a festive dress to bring more cheer to the kids

Kids having a ball of a time on stage

Students from KOTO, PHF volunteers and chefs and staff from Fullerton Hotel get-together to bring festive cheer to 200 kids

KOTO presents a gift of appreciation to Fullerton Hotel

Grace Chia, co-founder and director of Project Happy Feet receiving a memento from Kum Hoong, Director of Communications of Fullerton Hotel for the partnership for “Filled With Love @ Fullerton”

Volunteers making a difference at the “Filled with Love @ Fullerton” event

Project Happy Feet would like to thank Fullerton Hotel for sponsoring the event, and Mainly I Love Kids for helping to invite the 200 children, all volunteers of PHF and students from KOTO for helping to make the event a success.