A Desire To Excel

Hoang Thi Uyen, 11, a HSCV beneficiary


For 11-year-old Hoang Thi Uyen, home is small house that she shares with her mother, three pigs, and two chickens.

Like many other HSCV beneficiaries, making ends meet is a chore for Uyen’s family.

Her father died four years ago. Since then, her mother has worked in fields for income, and ensure Uyen goes to school.The gruelling work however has left Uyen mother with a serious back problem – one that requires spinal surgery in the near  future.

Already financially stretched, the added burden of medical fees and having to save for her surgery is making it hard for Uyen’s mother to keep her daughter in school.

HSCV has given Uyen an educational scholarship, and she excels well in school. Rice hand outs are also given to the family by HSCV.

Despite this, the family still needs your help to sponsor them so that they can continue receiving rice from HSCV.

Your small contribution will go a big way in helping relive the stress on Uyen’s family, and ensure that she can continue doing well in her studies.

The cost to sponsor a family for a year’s worth of Rice Distribution is $320.