Contributions Pouring In…

Project Happy Feet would like to thank our friends who have made their contributions through Friends of Project Happy Feet.

We so far received contributions from the following:

Huang Zongren – $100
Shuyi Tan – $100
Joyce Zhuo – $100
Dawn Ho – $50
Weiwei – $50
Li Caifeng – $20
Hazel Tan – $10
Alex Zhuang – $10
Gee Wah Mui – $10
Parry Tan – $10
Glenn Chew – $200 (who specially requested that the amount be used for 100 pairs of slippers for children)

For a full listing of donors and sponsors, please visit the “Donors” page on the website. We’ll do our best to update the page the instant we receive your contribution but do forgive us if we take a little longer than usual. Oh, and if we missed out your name, please give us a little nudge. We know it’s important to give acknowledgment so help us keep our word :p

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts. We thank you for making many “Happy Feet”! 🙂