Giving back through music

Emily Chang not only has a knack for fund-raising, she’s got an eye for talent as well.

At the height of the preparations for HUGS NEPAL Charity Fund-raising Dinner on 21 April 2012, Emily saw Lincoln jamming with some friends at a guitar shop at *Scape. She promptly invited Lincoln to perform that evening. And what gems Lincoln and Hariz turned out to be!

“It was kind of funny actually,” recalls Lincoln, who accepted the invitation and performed with Hariz, the other half of his band Hariz&Lincoln. “I guess we were lucky to have met Emily. For us, charity and giving back is an integral part of Hariz&Lincoln, as we recognize that we are where we are now, both as people and as musicians, due to people around us, and its just important to recognize that and give back when we can.”

Little did Emily know that the band she so spontaneously invited to perform at the fund-raiser were not only big on heart, they were big on sound too. Though still pursuing a Diploma in Business Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the duo have been performing covers and three original songs in their sets. They also came in top ten at the popular radio station 98.7FM’s singer-songwriter competition The Next Big Thing. They are steadily on track to producing their first EP.

Just like how they were talent-spotted, Hariz&Lincoln were formed when “we were just having a random spurt of jamming, and when we realized we sounded good together, we spontaneously decided to start the band,” shares Hariz, who also recently became a DJ at the Polytechnic’s radio station Radio Heatwave.

During the charity do, the band performed a repertoire of popular hits, much to the delight and appreciation of the guests. “We do pretty much any genre of music, but we tend to make our covers of other people’s songs different, just to spice up and challenge people’s ideas about music,” shares Lincoln, who loves to sing and write songs. He teaches singing on a freelance basis.

And just what do they two musicians think about Project Happy Feet’s mission to empower lives through education and training?

“I think education builds a person, and nobody should not be given a chance to receive an education,” says Hariz. “I started an arts education company myself called StageKyds thus, I am a strong believer in education and growth.”

“For me, education is integral to success,” says Lincoln. “If not for good teachers to help me improve in so many aspects, I would not be who I am today. As a vocal teacher myself, I know what training can do to help someone grow, and seeing that progress is the best reward for me.”

Project Happy Feet thanks Hariz&Lincoln for making a difference with their music.

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