Questions on Overseas Trips

Can I join PHF members on their overseas trips?

PHF members make trips to Cambodia and Vietnam at least once a year. These trips are work trips that see us meeting up with our partner NGOs based in the respective countries for audits, and to discuss ways to improve their programmes. We also receive updates on the beneficiaries during these trips. As such, these trips may not be suitable if you hope to meet up and have hands on experience in interacting with the children and youths.

Does PHF organise overseas trips?

PHF does not organise scheduled trips for members of the public. However, if you have a group of friends or colleagues and would like to make a trip overseas, we will be happy to work with you on a programme that will benefit our beneficiaries.

As we are fully run by volunteers, we encourage you to organise your own accommodation, flights and meals. We however would be happy to make recommendations of where to stay.

Please contact Deborah at for trips to Vietnam, and Grace at for trips to Cambodia.

What can I expect to do on these overseas trips?

Depending on the current needs of our partner beneficiaries, your involvement overseas may range from teaching English, to spring cleaning orphanages, to organising after school activities for children.

We do not encourage handouts during these trips so as to reduce the beneficiaries’ reliance on handouts.

Can I bring along old clothes, books and toys on these overseas trips?

We encourage you to check with us if these are required by our beneficiaries at the point of visit.

When giving such items, we encourage our donors to give gifts of clothes that are almost new rather than old clothes. It is a nice gesture to give a gift that is in good condition to these children and youths, as you would give a friend.

Some of these items are also cheaper in their home country, so you may purchase them there rather than to before your trip. In this way, you do not risk paying for excess luggage.