Questions on Beneficiaries

Who are the beneficiaries of Project Happy Feet?

Currently, Project Happy Feet has beneficiaries in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
    • Project Happy Feet supports its ‘Stay-in-School Programme’ and their Nutrition Programme, which provides for free meals to street children at the Blue Dragon Drop-in Centre.
  • Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV)
    • Project Happy Feet supports underprivileged children identified by HSCV who need financial support to stay in school and continue education.
  • Know One Teach One (KOTO)
    • Project Happy Feet supports underprivileged street youths who are identified by KOTO to undergo a two-year vocational training programme either in front of house skills or culinary skills.

In Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • The Church of Siem Reap
    • Project Happy Feet supports the learning centres built by the church by funding its nutrition programme, and providing school supplies.

Will Project Happy Feet consider other beneficiaries?

Yes, we plan to extend our reach to other countries that need help. However, we would like to ensure that the above beneficiaries are adequately taken care of before we extend our reach.

Does Project Happy Feet support Singapore beneficiaries?

While our focus is in supporting beneficiaries in developing countries, we will consider supporting Singapore beneficiaries too if the cause is in empowering children or youths through education and/or training. To date, Project Happy Feet has supported the following Singapore beneficiaries:

  • MILK Fund
  • Children’s Cancer Foundation

My non-profit organisation  would like to be a beneficiary of Project Happy Feet. Who do I contact?

Please contact Deborah at