Posted on behalf of Ben Koh:

The first day was one of mixed feelings for me. The living conditions of the people who we visited were a stark contrast from the luxuries back home in Singapore. I was made aware of how much of a blessing the simple comforts that we enjoy in Singapore actually are, in light of the situation that we faced. At the same time, I was overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy. There was so much more to be done and it felt that despite all our team’s efforts, we had only scratched the surface. It also made me much more aware and appreciative of the responsibility that rested on the shoulders of the Project Happy Feet team and the importance of judiciously using the funds that have been entrusted to us.

I also was grateful for the opportunity to meet with Michael, the founder of the Blue Dragon organization. Meeting him together with some of those who were touched by the Blue Dragon really helped me to appreciate the situation and difficulties that they are facing as well as the life-changing processes that those who choose to come under their wings undergo. I struck a chord with the organization’s philosophy. It was both heartwarming and encouraging to know that the Blue Dragon encourages self-actualization via a non-judgmental, relational approach. It not only offers those that pass through its doors a second chance at life, but also a second home – one that they can return to anytime.