Crew of Lady Christine

A Surprise Package

Yesterday, an unexpected envelope delivered by DHL was dropped off our office. In it, was a cheque donation of $1,000.

The donation came from a group of crew members on board Lady Christine, a vessel under Farstad Shipping (Indian Pacific) Pty Ltd.

The crew, comprising Filipinos and Indonesians, had received the $1,000 after achieving an RWC/LTI injury free workplace for a period of six months.

They read about our work in The Straits Times and decided to donate their award to Project Happy Feet.

It touched us, knowing that far and wide, people think about us and our beneficiaries. Every little donation that comes in not only motivates and encourages us to continue doing what we do, it also signals an endorsement that we have been doing something right.

We would like to thank the crew members once again not only for their sincere and generous thought, but by also reminding us that sometimes, the simplest gestures make a difference to another’s life.

A big thank you!

Crew of Lady Christine

From left (back): Agung Muharam, Hakhiar Koes, Hasyim Nasution, Dagfinn Bakken, Muslim Sani, Sugianto Prasetyo, Robert Pasaribu
From left (front): Ramli Bin Kullam, Antonio Nalzaro, Gunawan, Yulfri Eko Putra, Indra Yanwar Akbar

Photo courtesy of Lady Christine, Farstad Shipping