PHF partners with Total Defence Day 2013

Project Happy Feet was invited to be a partner for Total Defence Day Commemoration Event held on 15 February 2013 at Republic Polytechnic. The event, organised by Ministry of Defence’s NEXUS, is an annual affair held to promote the concept of Total Defence.

The concept was introduced almost 30 years ago. As a young nation with a small population then, Singapore needed to draw on the strengths of its community to enhance its defence capabilities. Total Defence has five pillars that help Singaporeans understand how to get involved. When Singaporeans take National Service seriously, volunteer in civil defence exercises, help build a strong economy, strengthen community ties with one another regardless of race and religion, and stay committed to defending the country, it would translate to doing something in every sector of the Singapore society to strengthen the country’s resilience as a nation.

Project Happy Feet was so chosen to be a partner because the organisers saw how we became a platform that allowed Singaporeans from all walks of life to come together because of the common cause of doing something meaningful to benefit the underprivileged community, and in this way, contribute to strengthening community ties among Singaporeans.

Project Happy Feet’s logo listed on the website of Total Defence Day 2013 campaign “Will You Stand With Me?” – can you spot it?

At the event ground, Project Happy Feet was given a booth space to showcase its work. Adapting the event’s theme of “Will You Stand With Me?”, Project Happy Feet designed the booth to the theme of “Will You Walk With Me?” in line with its promotion of the Project Happy Feet Slipper Race. Stickers of giant colour footprints covered the floor at the space, while two huge panels – one explaining what Project Happy Feet all about, and the other being a fun photo wall – and flying banners welcomed visitors to the booth. There were also QR codes embedded into the designs of the floor stickers as well as the wall so visitors can look up more relevant information through their smartphones.

PHF Volunteers Grace Chia, Lin Kuek, Samantha Low and Dave Lem were present to interact with visitors to the booth. Despite the heavy downpour, the volunteers were kept busy speaking with visitors, giving out prizes to winners of a quiz held at the booth, and sold HAPPY to help fund-raise. They even met with the Guest-of-Honour Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen who came by to visit the booth and briefed him on the works of Project Happy Feet.

Project Happy Feet would like to thank NEXUS for this opportunity to showcase its work and to help play a part in promoting the message of strengthening community ties through a common cause.