The more the merrier

When 10 year-old Megan learnt that her mother Eileen and her friend Emily busied themselves for many weeks to put together a private fund-raising dinner to support a school-building project in Namkheli Village in Nepal, she contributed in her own way.

When asked why she did what she did, the Grade 5 student at Singapore American School said:

“When I heard the name of the country Nepal, I thought that it was one of the more developed countries. Then I saw a photo album that my mom brought home. It contained pictures of the poor families in Nepal. After seeing that, I realized that I needed to help. I thought about how there were other people already working on this project. But then the saying occurred to me, “the more the merrier”, so I decided to help by collecting school supplies from neighbors and classmates and painting donation boxes for my mom’s fund raising event. Now I know that what I did was right and I feel good about it everyday.”

With hearts like Megan’s, the world can certainly do with “the more the merrier”!

Eileen and Emily, who are friends of Lester and Sox, two volunteers who initiated Make Learning Possible which was adopted by Project Happy Feet, organised the HUGS NEPAL Charity Fund-raising Dinner at The American Club on 21 April. The total funds raised are being tabulated at time of posting this entry.

To learn more about Make Learning Possible and the school-building project in Nepal, click here.