A PHF Volunteer

Have just uploaded abstracts of my journal entries from 3 days.

Re-reading them does make me get a bit emo again. haha. but they explain well, if not a bit too starkly, the things my heart saw during a very meaningful trip.

This truly has been one of my best and most memorable community service trips. In terms of the difference made for the beneficiaries, the friendships built along the way, and the personal lessons learnt, I think the 7 days were a huge success and very priceless.

It really is heartening to encounter people who have courageously dedicated their lives to empowering others without even stopping to count the personal cost. I felt that way with everyone we met from HSCV and KOTO (didn’t get to meet Blue Dragon people cos I was sick in bed). They never once felt sorry for themselves at the opportunities they gave up, or the snubs and disappointments they must have encountered.

They continue to make me feel very humbled and awed. And motivated to make sure PHF Projects continue to keep supporting them and others like them!