The Gift Of Giving

The journey to Project Happy Feet Hanoi had been both fruitful and fulfilling. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be part of the PHF family, to be able to contribute and do my small part in helping the under privileged. The visit to the various families and orphanages was a good reminder to how fortunate I am back home. While we start to wonder how they could live in a house filled with flies and dust, do we realise that what is more important to them, is their hope in providing enough food and education for their children. I am looking forward to the day that i will be able to design and provide better living conditions for these people to live in.


甚至进而触动人们的心弦。 –   易一


The sharing sessions with the 3 beneficiaries, KOTO Hanoi (Know One Teach One)Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and HSCV (Humanitarian Services for children of Vietnam) were good learning experiences and i was encouraged by how much these organizations had done for them. It is through their act of giving that transformed the lives of these youths greatly. They’ve not only provided them with the basics, food and shelter, they’ve also given them the right education. By equipping them with a precious set of skills, it becomes the key to their future, and in many cases, their family’s future as well. What truly inspired me was how the street kids that had gone through these life-changing processes, are looking forward to becoming social volunteers so that they could help the less fortunate around them. That’s the return. It becomes a powerful ripple effect that transforms lives, one at a time.




他们要的很简单 : 能存活下来就足够了。

Money is one way that could help make a difference to their lives but does that really make a problem disappear ? Sometimes all it takes is to give some of our time to show some care and concern, be it painting of their houses or fixing a desk and chair. It is the moment when they truly smile.





Special thanks to my dearest friends and teachers for the donations made. I really appreciate all the help given. These children have a whole life ahead of them, and it is because of your kind generosity and assistance that touched and made a difference to their lives in future.

Charmine Gan – $100, Geraint Wong – $200, Louis Ang Rong Hui – $100, Leow Jia Quan – $50, Lim Hao Wen – $50, Tian Min – $50, Tan Yun Liang – $100, Azizah Sudar, Eden Wee Guan Pu, Derrick Chua Wei Xiong, Chua Zhen Hao, Gay Wei Kean, Ho Hon Loong, Chong Wei Rong, Zun Pwint Phyu, Stephanie Choong, Zenas Deng, Oliver Ong, Lydia Chua Min Li , Stacy Peh – $157

Once again, a big thank you to all fans of Project Happy Feet ! Without your support and trust in us, we could not have done what we did  More updates on Project Happy Feet !

With Love, Stacy Peh