Final push for Opening in December

With less than a month before the scheduled opening of Manjushri-SINGA Primary School at Namkheli Village in the heart of the Everest mountainous region of Nepal, a team of 20 villagers-workers are putting in extra effort to make up for lost time of two months due to monsoons.

Led by Furba Sherpa, Executive Director of Be Human Nepal, the project aims to complete construction before the school’s official opening on 16th December so that 60 children from this rural village will have a proper place to study in.

Will they be in time?

“We are confident that Furba and his team will build a fine building for 60 children to study in,” says Lester in his blog entry.

We certainly hope so, because we know these kids have been waiting for a school for more than a year. But more importantly, we hope everyone involved in the building project will be safe.

This school building project is the brainchild of PHF volunteers Lester and Sox, who initiated Make Learning Possible, which is a project adopted and supported by Project Happy Feet.

To follow the progress of the school-building project, visit the blog of Make Learning Possible maintained by these two extraordinary individuals who, like everyone else at Project Happy Feet, are passionate about education.

To learn more about the project or to contact Lester and Sox, please email: