Raindrops Café hosts private fund-raising lunch

Tucked away in a little corner outside the main *SCAPE complex in the heart of Orchard Road, Raindrops Café has the perfect ambience for a lazy afternoon tea, a romantic dinner, or an evening chill-out with friends.

The ambience was a little different on 22 April 2012. It was abuzzed with warmth, generousity and a spirit of giving.

Thanks to owner David Wong, Raindrops Café unreservedly oped its doors to host a private charity fund-raising lunch in support of HUGS NEPAL, a community development project centred on building a school for children in rural Nepal to make education available to them and their families.

The project was initiated by Sox and Lester, two Singaporeans who are passionate about making learning possible in Nepal. Because of shared values, mission and vision, HUGS NEPAL was adopted and supported by Project Happy Feet, a non-profit that empowers lives through education and training.

Apart from generously sponsoring the venue for the private fund-raising event, David, who is friends with Sox, also whipped up a sumptuous three course meal for 30 family members and friends.

During the intimate lunch among friends and family, Sox took the opportunity to share about HUGS NEPAL, and what their contribution meant to the project, to the 60 children, and their families.

A total of SGD1,5000 was raised through the event.

Sox is thankful for the support of David, whom she has known since their scouting days. David and Sox had served in the same Scouts unit.

“David has a big heart and cares deeply about youth development. As a Scouter, David believes strongly that education is linked to youth development, which he is passionate about,” says Sox.

“Thanks to David, we are able to spread the word about HUGS NEPAL and fund-raise to build the school for the children in Nemkhali Village,” adds Sox. “I hope David would be able to join me and Lester on a visit to the school which he and Raindrops Café has played a part in building.”

Project Happy Feet would like to thank David and Raindrops Café for its generous support. Check out Raindrops Café at their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/raindropscafe or visit their website at: http://raindrops.sg/