Trailblazers Foundation reports work done

On 29 May 2012, Mr Ung Chanrattana, Field Director of  Trailblazer Foundation, wrote to Project Happy Feet detailing a complete report on the work done with the funds donated by volunteers from Project Happy Feet Volunteer Leadership Experience in their recent visit to Siem Reap in March 2012.

Just two months before, Mr Ung Chanrattana has informed via email the completion of an agricultural training session for local farmers, and also the successful delivery of the bio-sand water filter to Svay Chek village in Svay Chek commune (Mango Banana commune).

This last report indicated that there was a 50% increase in villagers scoring better grades and a 100 percent passing rate after completing the agricultural training sessions. The report concluded that the villagers gained knowledge and experience in growing Edamame beans. Furthermore, the villagers who attended the sponsored agricultural training session are now aware of the additional raw materials needed for them to develop their gardens and increase their yield. They also learnt to produce different fertilizers and herbal pesticides to ensure the plants grow more successfully to allow the villagers to generate more income to support their families.

Apart from supporting the agricultural training, the funds contributed by Project Happy Feet were also utilised to purchase 300 pairs of slippers. These were distributed to three public primary schools in Svay Chek Commune. Students from Sras Primary School, Tatrav Primary School and Svay Chek Primary School each received a pair of slippers, allowing them to protect their feet as they walk the long journey to school each day.

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